ACTIVISM.  I work directly with various local organizations in New York City. I dedicate the majority of my time to an immigrant rights organization called Make The Road New York (MRNY), located in Bushwick (Brooklyn). As part of their on-the-ground sector, I aid in fundraising, outreach, coordinating public events, documenting ICE raids, and disseminating know-your-rights materials. I was introduced to MRNY when I coordinated a group of around 1,000 people to protest at JFK International Airport in response to President Trump's travel ban. To learn more about my part in the JFK protests, please listen to this episode of Mobilize Podcast and/or read this Broadly article

I also work with the NYC branch of the national organization: Radical Reference. We are a group of radical-leaning information professionals who advocate for social justice-centered thinking and methods within our profession. I work specifically on the website subcommittee and the social media subcommittee. For the former, I am working with developers to rebuild the nationwide Radical Reference website. For the latter, I maintain the Twitter account

Finally, I contribute my time and skills to the Redstockings Women's Liberation Movement Think Tank & Archive for Action. I am currently helping them archive their born-digital content. 

All photographs below were taken by me. If you would like one taken down, kindly contact me directly.


ANIMALS, TEA, EMBROIDERY.  As a librarian, my 'inspiration' list would be incomplete without documentation of my cat Nestra, my dog Lula, my lovely houseplants, my interest in Chinese teas, and my budding passion for embroidery. 


BACKPACKING.  While living in Brooklyn doesn't allow for much outdoors time, I try to get out and backpack as often as possible.